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Autumn Specials Menu

Autumn Specials Menu

Rhubarb & Custard Crumble Martini £6.95

Chambord Black Raspberry liqueur, Eristoff vodka, rhubarb pureé and a dollop of custard.

Toffee Apple £6.95

Old J Cherry Rum, Disaronno amaretto, vanilla syrup, apple juice and a pinch of cinnamon

Giant Cheesy Pretzel £5.45

Stuffed with mozzarella cheese served with Monterey Jack cheese sauce

Brisket Blue Burger £12.45

6oz* burger topped with brisket, blue cheese, rocket and gherkins. Served with fries and slaw

Banoffee Sundae £5.95

Banana slices, honeycomb ice cream chocolate honeycomb pieces, salted caramel sauce and cream